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Multiplier Symbols in Online Slots

Multipliers have secretly become the favourite feature of slot players. It often makes the gameplay memorable and is responsible for some massive wins in real money slots. So, let’s talk more about this nifty feature that can make all the difference.

How do slot multipliers work?

In principle, multipliers work just as the name suggests – they multiply your winnings. Most slot multipliers range from x2 to x10, but some go as high as x1000. Can you imagine hitting a winning combination worth $125 with an x10 multiplier win? Correct, you’re suddenly looking at $1,250 in your pocket.

Multiplier in Online Slots

There are different types of multipliers and different ways of triggering those. Let’s look at the most common type – the multiplier during a free spin round.

  • #1: You wager $1 on an online slot and hit the spin button
  • #2: You trigger a free spin bonus
  • #3: During the bonus round, you trigger an x6 multiplier
  • #4: You end up winning $15 during the bonus round
  • #5: You end up winning $90 (6x$15)

Easy, right? Well, not quite. There are different types of multipliers, and some are more difficult to trigger than others. So let’s dive into this a little more, shall we?

Top 10 Slots with Multipliers

Slot title Volatility
Reactoonz High
Gold Rush High
Pop Medium
Bonanza Medium
Danger High Voltage High
Jammin Jars High
Sweet Bonanza High
Deadwood High
Razor Shark High
Wild Flower High
For more games, browse all online slots.

Types of Multipliers

You can trigger multipliers during the base game, bonus games, free spin rounds, and so on. Here are the different types of online slot multipliers:

  • Base Game Multiplier
  • Bonus Game Multiplier
  • Free Spins Multiplier
  • Wild Multiplier
  • Scatter Multiplier

Most of the time, when you hit a multiplier in an online slot, it’s going to be triggered during a bonus game. Although harder to trigger, the reward will be much larger. Base game multipliers, which are triggered during regular gameplay, are rather uncommon on the other hand.

Free spins multiplier happen during a free spins game and are typically attached to line and overall wins. For players, free spins multipliers are a great way to cash in back for small wagers as combining free spins and multipliers can lead to a large win sum.

Wild multipliers are a combination of both Wild symbol and multiplier. Let’s suppose you hit four K’s and one Wild; then the Wild will complete the winning payline and simultaneously multiply the winning amount. Scatter multipliers work in the same way except that typically the Scatter symbol doesn’t need to land on the payline to unlock a winning combination.

The Multiplier Feature in Action

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What do multipliers in online slots do?

Multipliers multiply your winnings. If you hit a winning combination of £100 with an attached x5 multiplier, you will receive £500.

What is the standard multiplier?

This can vary a lot, but most online slots feature multipliers that range from x2 to x10.

Which one is the best multiplier?

Most players prefer the free spins multiplier since it can lead to enormous wins on small wagers.

Which slot provider has the best multipliers?

It’s hard to say, and it’s worth browsing our site and comparing more features than multipliers, but NoLimit City slots typically come with built-in multipliers.

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